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Top Firefox Add-Ons for SEO

If you have a few different websites, trying to keep track of all the different statistics and SEO projects can be time consuming and confusing if you aren’t really organized. Fortunately, different web browsers have various SEO plugins and extensions which can help to keep track of all your SEO endeavours, and Firefox is no exception.

Microsoft says no cupcakes for Firefox 8

Microsoft seems to have decided against its tradition of sending cupcakes to Mozilla for each version of their Firefox release. For the latest release of Firefox i.e. Firefox 8, Microsoft didn’t send any cupcakes Mozilla’s way.

A browser resizer that works from your browser

Web designers frequently need to test their designs in various browser sizes. Browser window can be resized without using any addon; browize can resize your window from within your browser.

Keep updated on the browser stats and popularity

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are the most popular browsers for internet usage for computers. A couple of years ago, Internet Explorer was reining the browser market with about 80% dominance. But now the usage of internet explorer has slumped and other browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. have risen up. If you want to keep yourself updated on the internet browser usage statistics, you can rely on browser stats page from w3schools.

Manage your bookmarks online using Boonote

Managing bookmarks and migrating them to another device can be a real pain sometimes. With people using Internet on computers, mobiles and tablets, they want their bookmarks to be accessible from any place on the earth. With Boonote, you can save and manage your bookmarks online and sync them through various devices.

Mozilla Thunderbird beta version 5.0b released

Popular email client Mozilla Thunderbird’s latest version, Thunderbird V5.0b has been released. Thunderbird Beta FAQ says that the release of Thunderbird 4 was skipped because the program’s version is very closely dependent on the underlying Gecko Engine.

How to restore the icons on the Addons bar to the right hand side in Firefox

Firefox 4 has a completely revamped interface as compared with its earlier counterpart, the Firefox 3. If you use Firefox 4, you must have noticed that the addon bar that on Firefox 3 isn’t visible by default on Firefox 4. But you can turn it on from the customization options. On Firefox, you would have come across times when the icons on your Addon bar in Firefox shift all the way to the left from their default right hand side position. If you want to restore them to the right, here’s the workaround.

Manage addons and themes using Add-ons Manager on Firefox

With faster loading Javascript, anti virus integration and hardware acceleration and even better scope for addons, Firefox 4 is a compelling choice for basic to advanced users. On Firefox 4, you can manage and install addons, plugins and themes all from a single place, the Firefox Addons Manager.

How to set default locale in Firefox

Lets say you are not in your native country but want to use Google in your native language. Then you wouldn’t like to do it by choosing your language from language settings but rather get the appropriate page automatically. You can do this by setting your default locale on Firefox.

Browse the internet without using a mouse

Mouse and Keyboard are the best known input devices for a computer for a long time now. Even if you have to intermittently jump between your mouse and keyboard, you can’t resist using the both or part from one of them. But how about browsing the internet with just your keyboard and no mouse? Don’t get scared, you won’t have to switch between Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab to visit the links. A Firefox addon Mouseless browsing has been built just for this very purpose.