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How to know if the recipient opens your email

Email Oracle can be the perfect tool if you want to track email opens. Email Oracle as of now is available for Gmail users only. It is downloadable as a Firefox addon. After you install it, you’ll need to authenticate it for integration with your Google Account. When this is done, you’ll find a “Tracked Emails” link on your Gmail navigation. You’ll also see an Email Oracle Dropdown towards the top of Gmail’s interface.

Add an image search option in Firefox Search box 3

Add an image search option in Firefox Search box

If you search for images as much as you search for anything on the web, you might have wished for a shortcut like having an image search option from the search box of your browser directly. You generally open up Google Image Search or Yahoo Image Search to look for images. But having an image search option directly in the search box would be much convenient and time-saving.


Specifying multiple home pages in Firefox

Normally you set the page that you visit most often as your homepage. In many cases, it could be search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. or web aggregators like iGoogle. But there can be a couple of sites that you visit everyday and you open them up by clicking through your bookmarklets. However, if you forget to click on the bookmarklets, you might sometimes miss a very interesting article or news. Well you can have multiple home pages in Firefox as well. All of them open up in separate tabs and not in separate windows that makes it more easier for you.


Customizing Toolbar and Status bar in Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers used and loved by many people. Firefox has many options for customizations and plenty of plugins available for all kind of users. The toolbar and the status bar can also be customized. There are buttons the addition of which, can be a boon.


Browser based file manager

A web based file manager is available for you. IT Hit has launched a Beta version of their web based file manager. Wouldn’t it be easy to edit and upload Microsoft Office files like Word, Power Point or Excel on the fly? You will also be given a temporary folder for testing.