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How to easily add programs to run at startup

There are some programs and software on your computer that you cannot live without. Be it your favorite browser, your music software or any other software related to your profession; there are always a couple of them that you use everyday. Wouldn’t you like to open up such programs at startup without firing them up one by one once you start your computer? Well here is a simple trick to choose programs that you would like to kick start automatically after your computer starts.

Create Dropbox forms using Jotforms

A lot of third party applications have been developed for Dropbox with which you can have more benefit from the service. JotForm ‘s Dropbox Forms allows anybody to create an upload form which uploads to your Dropbox folder.

How to enable Add to Quick Launch in Windows XP

Windows Vista has a very useful feature that lets you add items to the Quick Launch Folder. The Add to Quick Launch option that can be seen in the context menus upon right clicking on an icon lets you add a shortcut of the item to the Quick Launch Folder. This feature however lacks in Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Here is a tool that lets you enable add to quick launch in Windows XP.

Automatically sync bookmark folders on Toolbar and Bookmark Menu in Firefox

Lets say you have a bookmarks folder named “TipsandTricks” inside bookmarks folder placed in the Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. You have a handful of useful links saved into it and you wish you could access them from a similar folder at the Bookmarks menu as well. If you copy the folder and paste it into the bookmarks menu, the bookmarks will be accessible from there as well; but whenever you add a new bookmark to the same folder in the toolbar, it won’t update in the menu. To automatically sync the bookmarks, you’ll need to do a little workaround from the Bookmark organizer.