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An average font made of all typefaces on a computer

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts and everyday, a multitude of new fonts are born. There are times when you like a letter of a certain typeface and another letter from some other typeface and then wish for a typeface with the best of the both worlds. But have you ever imagined what an average font would look like? By average, I mean how would a font look with all the typefaces installed in your computer combined together? Moritz Resl has done an experiment by creating a set of alphabets by combining all the fonts installed in his system.

Bookmarklet to see how a page would look like without a font

Testing fonts and their combinations on websites is a real hassle for designers. Its not just about aesthetics of a website; web designers also have to carefully select the fonts so that they are readily available in user’s computers. There are various tools for testing font combinations but how about using a simple bookmarklet for it?

Quickly know the fonts used on a webpage

With the onset of web fonts, many web designers have started using an assortment of beautiful fonts on websites. Besides the popular and the most widely used fonts, it is really difficult to correctly tell the name of a font. But with Whatfont bookmarklet, you can easily find out what fonts a website is using, including the font size, font weight etc.

Compare fonts for your website using Font Comparer

Sometimes, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of fonts and cannot decide which fonts to use on your website or what would be the best combination. Font Comparer is an online utility with which you can compare numerous fonts side by side and pick the one you like.

10 Must have bookmarklets for your browser

Bookmarklets make your life easier while browsing the internet. They allow you to do things with just a click. Be it URL shortening, sharing pages on social bookmarking sites or fixing font sizes, bookmarklets really speed up the task. Here are some very useful javascript bookmarklets for everyday browsing.

Read any text in the most suitable font for you

The overall appearance of a site plays a great role in luring a reader into spending more time on the site. One of the components is the font. The font face and size differ variously and some sites that use really tiny, barely legible fonts distract you a lot. Readability can be a good solution in such cases.

How to fix the font size for Facebook updates in News Feed

You must have noticed smaller font size in News Feeds recently on Facebook. Facebook has been testing this smaller font size in the News Feed for a couple of days now; to be precise, since 3rd November. The font for status updates is the same size as that for comments. The larger font size was better and less strenuous to read. You can fix the Facebook font size for updates in News Feed by using browser bookmarklets or scripts.

Create bundle of fonts with Awesome Fontstacks

Are you creating a website and looking for a matching set of fonts? It could be difficult for you to decide as there are thousands of fonts and now with CSS3 you can even use the fonts that aren’t on the visitor’s computer. Awesome Fontstacks can create bundles of matching and beautiful fonts and also generate the CSS code for it on the fly.