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Compare Android Phones via Droidthing

Android phones are some of the trendiest gadgets in the market. There are lots of Android phones produced by different companies and if you go out to buy one, you won’t be sure, which one to buy. You’ll be looking for something which is the optimum choice in regards to price, features and overall quality. Droidthing lets you compare every Android phone and tablet released or available in the market. It is a database of all android phones and their features so that people could find the perfect device for them. You can compare Android phones with Droidthing based on a number of features.

Translation gadgets for your site

A handy piece of information on the internet sometimes isn’t as easy to understand as always. If you are a blogger or an article writer you understand the importance of valued readers and you wouldn’t want any of them to bounce off just because they don’t understand the language your article is written in. The best option is to add a translation gadget to your site.

Get mails translated to your language

Sometimes you may get emails in other languages like Czech, Chinese etc. You think such messages to be spam and neglect them. But sometimes, you may also get emails of your interest in your Inbox that are not in your native language. Now if you wish to read such emails, you won’t have to go to Google Translator or Babelfish. Google Labs now has a new plugin that lets you get your emails translated without having to leave your Gmail.

Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks

The sidebar is one of those killer features of Windows Vista which many people crave for. Here are some cool Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks.