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What is “Google Apps”?

If you are unfamiliar with Google it would be assumed that you are from Mars. When I first learned of Google Apps I was, in short, confused. “I already have Gmail for my personal use, why would I need to pay for things?” I asked myself this question multiple times, but then, finally, the answer was explained to me.

Now OAuth support for Google Apps

Now onwards, Google Apps will support OAuth Login. Google Apps provides a secure and reliable platform for your important data. Google Apps administrators had to sign requests for calling the Google Apps API previously by the aid of their username and password. But this put them into the risk of sharing password across websites which may or may not be trustworthy.

Don’t type, just speak up your keyword-Google Voice Search

Gone are the days when you used to type those small eye-straining letters on your mobile’s keypad to perform a search in Google. Things have changed and have gone a lot better now. Thanks to Google Apps with its new Voice Search Tool for Mobile Applications.