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Google Spreadsheets enhanced for Mobile devices

The Google Docs team has added the editing feature in Google Docs Spreadsheets from mobile devices which was previously limited to viewing only. So, now you’ll be able to edit your Spreadsheets on mobile without having to stick to the computer.

Google Docs Templates-Cool and Useful

Sometimes you need to create documents on your Google Docs in a jiffy. Something like an invitation card, to send out to your friends or maybe a short schedule. So, what will you do, dole out some time in adding colors to them? You won’t be satisfied if your invitation card looks ugly. But you won’t need to make a fuss, at such times Google Docs’ templates come in handy.

Add Google News to your Website

News should be within the hand of every busy person on Earth. But with the updates happening every minute, staying tuned to news all the time is not easy. Sensing this, Google has just come up with Google News based widget for blogs and websites.

Open your Office Documents on Computer with Google Docs

If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, your office files like DOC, XLS etc. will automatically open up in Word or Excel. If you wish to see them on Google Docs you don’t need to upload them. You can configure your office files to open directly in Google Docs on double clicking.

Find and Replace Characters in Google Docs

The “Find and Replace” function in Google Docs works just as well as in Microsoft Word. If you wish to replace the name “Peter”, appearing frequently in any document with “Tom”, you can do it quickly with the “Find and Replace” command. You must be an expert in using “Find and Replace”, if you need to modify general replacement of words. But looking for complex characters won’t be easy as searching for plain texts.

Google Spreadsheets-Extract numeric values from cells

Many times you need to enter two different values into a cell sometimes both text and numbers. By default Google Spreadsheets aligns the numeric entry to the right and text entry to the left. But Spreadsheets will discard the numeric value and consider the whole input as a text value.

Use Google Viewer for viewing different Gmail attachments

You can have a quick view of the images sent to you as attachment in Gmail and then download it on the fly. But what if the attachments are not images but PDF files? Previously Google used to convert the PDF files to plain HTML with the images excluded for your quick view which didn’t look much appealing. But now you can view PDF, DOC and PPT attachments very easily from Gmail using the Google Docs Viewer.

Share your Analytics data with others

If you own a website, you must be using Analytics to track your visitors. If you don’t use it then you are missing a gem because a webmaster without analytics is a webmaster in the abyss. Hey don’t take my words gravely. Well if are just a beginner in the blogging world and aren’t getting much visitors to your site, you might not want to show your visitors status to others. But if your website is gaining popularity and more visitors everyday, you might want to show off your Analytics stats to your friends or other bloggers in your niche. Well if you want, here’s a nifty trick that can help you.

Which drawing tool do you use? Google Spreadsheets?

Google Docs has made life easier for many people by helping them edit and share their documents online. But can you imagine using Google docs for drawing? I found a video on Youtube that interested me a lot. Hope you’ll also be amazed.

Use Google Docs Offline

Login to your Google Docs Account. Then on the upper right part you will see a link called Offline. Once you click on the link, a window will appear which asks you if you would like to use Google Docs Offline. If you grant access to that you will be asked to download Google Gears if that is not installed on your computer.