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Google Maps Submerges in Underwater

Google Maps has dived in underwater with the help of the Catlin Sea view Survey, a Bermuda-based insurance firm. After neglecting Google Maps for iPhone 5, it has decided to bring some unique feature to its map. The firm has contributed the ability to dive down under the surface of the sea with its latest add-on to Street View. It provides a deep scan of six of the world’s most unbelievable underwater spot including coral reefs in Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

Google Maps app for iPhone5? not yet at least

Despite the horde of new features announced for iPhone 5, users of the device are pretty disappointed with the below par performance of Apple’s own mapping application. It comes nowhere near Google Maps in terms of usability or accuracy. On top of that, it looks like iPhone users won’t be getting a dedicated Google maps app for iPhone5, at least not just yet.

Batman on Google Maps

Google Maps is by far the most popular maps application on the web. But besides regular maps, you must have come across lots of interesting stuff on Google Maps. You must have seen bizarre and funny people or some interesting places on Google Maps. But how about a Batman signal on Google Maps? See the map screenshot below.

Local SEO for SMBs: Three Reasons to Focus and Engage Your Community

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolutionary attempt of small businesses (SMBs) to connect with their communities through online search. According to Search Engine Watch’s report by Local Offer Network (2011), companies invested in local SEO are increasing sales, improving visibility and strengthen their brands by focusing their efforts on optimizing their websites for local searches.

See Google Maps being edited in realtime

Google Maps is updated frequently aided with contributions from people all over the world. Do you wish to see how people are editing Google Maps around the world? Google Maps Maker lets you see how Google Maps is being edited in realtime.

Google’s Messages for Japan

Google has introduced a website “Messages for Japan” where you can write a message to the victims of Japan’s Earthquake to be seen by anyone on the web. Write your message in your own language and it automatically gets translated into Japanese via Google Translator.

Explore old photos at Whatwasthere

Don’t you sometimes wonder how the world looked like a hundred years ago. You must have seen pictures and Grayscale videos from ancient war times but that may not be enough. Whatwasthere is a website that lets people upload and tag photos from the olden days, the photos taken or collected by their ancestors. The website has a very user friendly interface and the photos can be easily browsed through the integrated Google Maps.

Add images, Tweets and more to any page with Layers

How often do you bookmark a page or share it over social networks? Sharing isn’t a one step procedure but there are many applications that make it easier. Layers is a Google Chrome plugin which is lets you do more with webpages by letting you add sticky notes, images, videos, maps from Google Maps and even tweets to any web page. You can then share it to your family and friends over social Facebook or Twitter.

Some Useful Google Subscribed Links

Google is undoubtedly the big boss in the Web Search Engine scenario. Google has been making the internet search more easy and user friendly every day. With instant search, Google has taken a leap which keeps it much ahead of every other search engine. Google has a plethora of preferences for tweaking the search results. The Search settings lets you handle options like filtering for adult content, showing results from selected foreign languages and so on. Subscribed Links is also one of these. Subscribed Links let you customize Google search settings so as to show particular results from the sources of your choice. Here are some useful Subscribed Links, the results from which can directly be shown within your Search Results.