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Gmail and Google Reader’s favicons are more than just that

Favicons instantly help us which website is contained in a tab. Gmail’s Favicon can be more than just a favicon. It can be very informative in terms of showing the number of unread emails. Google Reader’s favicon can also be used in a similar manner. This can be done easily with a Firefox plugin and a handy greasemonkey script.

Add Google Reader’s shared or starred items to your blog

I assume that you already run a blog. You might want to embed a list of interesting articles from your favorite blogs that you read off your Google reader. But updating a link to those posts every time from your blog’s admin can be a bit tedious. Well, if you use Google Reader as your feed reader, you can easily show your shared items on Google Reader in your blog.

Switch from one feed reader to another

Feed Readers have brought a lot of ease to our lives letting us read our favorite topics on the internet without having to browse for them all along. A lot of Feed Readers are available, some as desktop application and some other online. If you think of switching from one to the other it is very easy.

Reader and Calendar in Gmail

You can read your feeds subscribed via Google Reader or access the Google Calendar’s features right from the interface of Gmail. Here’s how you do it.

RSS explained

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication. It is used to publish frequently updated tasks over the internet like blogs, news, audio, video etc. They are also called feeds. The feeds are read via RSS readers or feed aggreagators.