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Langover for multilingual work environements

If you have to work in a multilingual environment and need to type in alternate languages frequently Langover 5.0 can be your ideal choice. Langover is a freeware that lets you convert your text between different languages with ease. Langover 5 supports almost all languages. You can use Langover for various purposes like for switching between languages, changing case, reverse a text and more.

Google’s Doodle on its Search pages

Web surfers would have been awestruck today on seeing Google’s Doodle on its main search page. The Google’s logo is knitted with small balloons which are all jumpy. On firing up Google.com, you’ll instantly see small bubbles gathering from all sides to form the big Google.

Funny Google Suggestions

Google’s suggestion is helpful and can sometimes be too weird that would make you laugh. Autocompleteme is a site, specifically a blog, that keeps track of funny Google suggestions and posts them as screenshots.

Google improves search suggestions

Many popular search engines including Google these days suggest queries as you type them. The suggestions appear in the drop down menus. These are very helpful as they let you see the related keywords searched by other people. Google has recently made its suggestion feature just better.

Sound enabled in SearchWiki

Now you can remove search results in SearchWiki with a sound effect playing along. The sound is recorded by no-one but Google’s cofounder Sergy Brin.

Some tricks to search efficiently in google

Say you want to find some good Museums in New York City. If you simply type USA Museums you will end up with a result which shows pages matching your query but all the results may not match your exact phrase. But if you search the keyword phrase enclosed within ” ” [“USA Museums”] you will get result of pages containing the exact phrase.