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How to easily translate text on tooltip via Google Translator

Google Translate is a very powerful translation tool and people who need to deal with multiple languages use it very often. Google Translate can help you with a whole page or just words and sentences as well. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could get to translate any piece of text on a webpage on the fly without moving over to Google Translator? Well this Greasemonkey script can be of help. Google Translator Tooltip is a tool that brings the power of Google Translator right on your tooltip.

Google’s Messages for Japan

Google has introduced a website “Messages for Japan” where you can write a message to the victims of Japan’s Earthquake to be seen by anyone on the web. Write your message in your own language and it automatically gets translated into Japanese via Google Translator.

Make a Google Translator beat box

Google Translator is by far the most widely used translation engine on the internet. Google Translator has added a lot of features since its release making it all the more desirable and user friendly. Google Translator also allows you to listen to your translation as speech. Here’s a trick that shows how you can have a beat box from Google Translator using its Text-to-Speech feature.

Langover for multilingual work environements

If you have to work in a multilingual environment and need to type in alternate languages frequently Langover 5.0 can be your ideal choice. Langover is a freeware that lets you convert your text between different languages with ease. Langover 5 supports almost all languages. You can use Langover for various purposes like for switching between languages, changing case, reverse a text and more.

Translation gadgets for your site

A handy piece of information on the internet sometimes isn’t as easy to understand as always. If you are a blogger or an article writer you understand the importance of valued readers and you wouldn’t want any of them to bounce off just because they don’t understand the language your article is written in. The best option is to add a translation gadget to your site.

Get mails translated to your language

Sometimes you may get emails in other languages like Czech, Chinese etc. You think such messages to be spam and neglect them. But sometimes, you may also get emails of your interest in your Inbox that are not in your native language. Now if you wish to read such emails, you won’t have to go to Google Translator or Babelfish. Google Labs now has a new plugin that lets you get your emails translated without having to leave your Gmail.

Translate your Tweets with Twitrans

If you belong English speaking community and you aren’t familiar with other languages, you’d probably post your tweets in English . But if you want to post them in other languages that you don’t understand, use Twitrans for translating your tweets.

Translate RSS feeds with Yahoo Pipes

People who are just familiar with English are unaware of the other side of the internet, the content over world wide web in languages other than English. And of the total searches done over...