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How to Prepare Your Website for Internet TV

Perhaps you have already heard about Internet TV like Google TV– a new way of entertainment. Browsing the Web via TV from the comfort of your couch sounds very tempting. Add to that interaction via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, browsing the videos via YouTube or making a call via Skype, and these televisions of the future seem like a next best thing in the tech world.

Google TV – Go Get It to Enjoy Internet TV

When it comes to using internet TV, you have to think of getting a gadget that would give you the best viewing experience. That’s exactly when you can rely on Google TV. If Google TV would work the way the company is saying, then you can expect a whole new experience with your TV. By just turning it on, you’ll see the Google TV home page. You can surf the internet using the Google Chrome and can download apps on the TV just like it’s done in any smart phone.