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Duplicate Content and Google 0

Duplicate Content and Google

Duplicate content is Google’s number one enemy – that is why the search engine giant is constantly coming up with ways to diminish if not totally eliminate it from their search engines. Yes, that is how much they dislike it.

Panda, Penguin: What’s Next? 2

Panda, Penguin: What’s Next?

If you own a website, you have probably heard of the Google Algorithm Updates Penguin and Panda, that according to some are meant to make your life much more difficult. The goal of these updates is to penalize sites that use spammy black-hat methods in order to boost their search engine rankings.

Bing vs. Google – Whats the Difference? 0

Bing vs. Google – Whats the Difference?

Bing and Google are two of the most popular search engines in the world. While each uses different advertising to pull in users, most people don’t really know the difference between these search engines. This article will explain all the major differences, and you will understand what really makes these search engines unique.

Google+ Celebrates Its First Birthday 0

Google+ Celebrates Its First Birthday

Google+ enjoyed quite the first birthday celebration, as the one year anniversary of its 2011 launch fell during the annual Google I/O, a California-based conference attended by over 6,000 developers. In the past Google I/O has seen the launch of new projects and products including Android, Chrome, Google Maps, and more, and the 2012 conference did not disappoint.

How Will Google AR Glasses Change Our Lives 0

How Will Google AR Glasses Change Our Lives

In the grand scheme of things, it won’t be long now before we start seeing people on the street proudly displaying their pair of Google AR glasses. Admittedly, it’ll likely be a few more years after that before we see a fully functioning, bug free version (new technologies are almost always buggy in their initial forms) but we can be fairly sure that they’ll exist one day in the not-so-distant future.

So Google Tracks your iPhone too – Can you Stop it? 0

So Google Tracks your iPhone too – Can you Stop it?

So Google is the next iPhone spyware. Hard to believe? Shouldn’t be really when you look at how much personal and professional info you pour into Google all in a day’s work. They have the means and the virtual guts to pretty much follow you wherever you go. Quite literally, now that we look at the latest update involving Google and iPhones. iPhones were never all that ideally safe to begin with but now just the idea of using Google on your iOS device essentially means surrendering yourself up to be monitored, tracked, and located at all times without consent.

Google Nexus Prime 1

Choosing The Right Android Mobile Phone

Picking a new mobile phone can be a complicated business: once upon a time all phones did was call people and if you had the very latest technology you could text and play a game called Snake! Here are some tips on choosing the right Android Phone.