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GPS Tracking For Trucks: Keep the Move on Time

GPS tracking is becoming an essential part of fleet management in the transport industry as well as in various other businesses. The different features of this device include traffic estimation, comprehensive information of the current status, recording the history of navigation of the trucks, updating the drivers on the changes of roadways, watching out the speed, time taken, etc. to account for every penny that has been invested in the business.

Using GPS to Manage Your Fleet of Vehicles

As any business owner will know, it’s never easy to keep track of your employees all hours of the day, but it’s even more difficult when you have to run a fleet of vehicles and you spend every waking minute concerned as to the wellbeing of not only the driver, but the vehicle as well. After all, it’s a fair few thousand of your hard-earned cash out there.

Using GPS Devices in Every Day Life

For many, technology is something they despise purely because they can’t get certain things to work how they think it should. For others, it is essential in every day life and allows them to do far more than they ever thought was possible.

Live Vehicle Tracking with GPS Systems

Global Positioning Systems, better known to you and me as GPS, are becoming increasingly influential in all areas of travel and motoring, with vehicle and fleet owners investing in the devices to keep track of their beloved – and essential – vehicles.

Make Your Smartphone into A GPS Tracker Device

Turning ones smartphone into a GPS tracking device is not a difficult task. If you have never used GPS applications before, you might not know what they are used for. GPS tracking applications can be used for various tasks.

Beating the Smartphone Battery Drain

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably noticed that your battery life isn’t optimal. This could be because lithium battery technology hasn’t been able to keep up with the quickly advancing world of smartphones, but it has a lot to do with battery draining apps. Here’s a list of apps known to drain your battery and some simple ways to save your battery life.