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How to choose the right Web Hosting Service in 2013

So you are ready to start your own website. You already know that buying a domain is important, but that’s not where the preparation ends. You also need to choose the best web hosting...

How Users Can Benefit from an Efficient WordPress Hosting Service

There are various types of blogs published in the internet every day. These can include recreational blogs, business, educational, career and other types. Each of the categories of blogs in a website can attract readers differently. While there are many people who share their thoughts through blogging in the internet, it may not reach the targeted audience properly if the hosting service is not very efficient.

The Fundamentals of Web Hosting

Web hosting is an important component of the internet responsible for the visibility of organizations and individuals on the web. What is their role?

Web Hosting plays an important role in SEO

As information technology has extended its ways to the people, it has helped to explore and create necessary tools to communicate and integrate information. The accessibility has been a lot easier since people deserve to gather data and information that is worthwhile and timely.

Dedicated Servers: An Ideal Choice for Online Retailers

Dedicated servers are often thought of as expensive but best hosting alternatives, available only to those who can shell out around $170 per month to keep their site up. But what is the justification for this hefty price tag? Is it really worth all the money that you are spending for your site?

How Your Web Server Can Influence Your Google Rankings

Every blogger and webmaster wants their site to rank for highly searched keywords, but the process of search engine optimization (SEO) is often fraught with obstacles and challenges. Ensuring that your site ranks in Google’s search engine depends on a combination of on-site SEO and off-site SEO. While off-site SEO has to do with connecting with other webmasters and bloggers, on-site SEO is a much more straightforward process – if you know what you’re doing. One of the lesser known factors that can influence search engine rankings is your choice of webhost. There are a couple primary ways your web server can affect your search engine rankings – website loading speed and server downtime.

What Makes a Great Web Host?

When launching a new business online, there are a few things that are very important to have to ensure that it runs smoothly. The first is a good name that people will remember.

Designing a website using Turnkey virtual appliance

Aside from death and taxes, there are not a whole lot of universal certainties one can rely on. When it comes to the Internet, however, one thing is for certain: it just gets bigger and bigger every day. As the Internet gets bigger, websites become more and more sophisticated, with complexities that can cause the average web developer premature aging, insanity and other disorders if website development isn’t taken care of properly. Yes, it is that serious. While the 20th century term for occupational madness may have been “going postal,” the new 21th century term should definitely be “going web developer.”