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Online Htaccess tester

If you are a PHP programmer or a user of some PHP based CMS, you might be well familiar with the .htaccess file. .Htaccess file is a configuration file that is supported by various web servers and it allows the management of web server configuration. There are several rules that can be specified in the htaccess file. If you want to test your .htaccess file, here is a nifty htaccess tool for it.

W3 Total Cache solution – Resolve www to non-www redirection or vice versa

What plugin do you use for caching your Wordpress blog. Well the most widely used cache plugin is the WP Super Cache. But with advanced options, the W3 total cache is becoming immensely popular among bloggers. If you are a blogger with a blog setup in wordpress, you should give W3 Total cache a try and I’m sure you’ll love it. But if you have already been using W3 Total cache plugin, you must have noticed that the “www” form of your blog URL doesn’t redirect to the “non-www” form or vice versa.