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HTC Windows Phone 8X specs, features, pricing

HTC’s new Crown Jewel, HTC Windows Phone 8X, a funky Smartphone has been officially announced by HTC and soon it’s going to hit the market. Here, we will tell you the traits of this funky-colour Windows Phone Smartphone of HTC. Buying a top class phone like this one along with classy accessories is a boon for the users. A very convenient and comfortable way to make the best use of them is to buy online mobile accessories. You can buy these online accessories from various popular websites which provide great deals.

Nokia lumia 920 vs HTC windows phone 8x

Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X: Specifications

HTC, the company behind groundbreaking phones like the HTC HD7, HTC Desire HD has launched their flagship windows phone device named the Windows Phone 8X, that takes its name after the operating system Windows Phone 8 that runs on the device. Here is a comparison on the specifications of HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920