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Humans.txt generator

Humans.txt files tell who is behind a website. Humans.txt is a text file stored at the root of your site that contains information on who are behind a website or say who have contributed to the development of a website. As Humans.txt is meant for humans rather than machines, you can write it in almost any format you like. But if you want to do this in an easier way, the humans.txt generator tool can be of use.

Humans.txt tells who is behind a website

What if you want to tell the world who is behind your site? You may say outright that there is already the about page to tell people about who is behind a website. But there are things that may not be suitable to include in the About page and everyone may not be interested in it. So, to tell other humans about who built a website or who is behind it, there is an easy solution: the humans.txt file.