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Design Web icons with X Icon Editor

How fond are you of web icons? If you love them, you must have downloaded web icons time and again that look more or less appealing to you. X Icon Editor is a free HTML5 web application that lets you design web icons in a jiffy.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator by ColorZilla

A background with color gradients looks more appealing than just a plain single color background at times. Gradient backgrounds for websites are usually created with Photoshop’s gradient tools. But gradients can also be used on website via CSS codes. ColorZilla has a web based color gradient toolkit called “The Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator” that makes it easy to play around with color gradients right from the browser and then generates the CSS code for it.

Anti Tracking feature now on Internet Explorer 9

The latest version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 9 has lots of improvements over the older versions. Lots of things like a minimalist design, pinned sites, a single box for address bar and search...

How to prevent Internet Explorer from opening Office documents in the browser itself

Although Internet explorer doesn’t have much plugins as does Mozilla Firefox, it has some very handy features by default. Like you can view any Office file – Word, Excel or Powepoint file right into the browser and you can even edit it there. This is a useful feature but some people may not like it. But you can prevent Internet Explorer from Opening Office documents in the browser itself.

Internet Explorer 6 crash emulator

Internet Explorer is one of the most used browsers. IE6 still has the largest number of users as compared to the users of other browsers. But with the dawn of the latest browsers IE6 has become more or less obsolete these days because of its lack of features and repeated crashing.

Internet Explorer 9 Leaked Video

The video of the much anticipated Internet Explorer 9 is leaked on Youtube. The browser is scheduled to be released on 15 September 2010 at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, California. In...

Download and save YouTube videos using Google chrome

YouTube these days doesn’t let you download videos via sites like javimoya.com or other such sites. But with this nifty trick, you can download and save YouTube videos right from Google Chrome. You’ll need to install IE tab plugin on Google Chrome.

Print previewing and downloading via Manager in Chrome

Internet Explorer Tab or IE tab is a very useful plugin for chrome that enables you to view a page as it would look on Internet Explorer. But besides that it is also nifty for some other tasks like print previewing in Google Chrome, downloading via download manager on right-click and so on.

Browser based file manager

A web based file manager is available for you. IT Hit has launched a Beta version of their web based file manager. Wouldn’t it be easy to edit and upload Microsoft Office files like Word, Power Point or Excel on the fly? You will also be given a temporary folder for testing.

Internet Explorer’s Bug Patch to be Released

Microsoft is going to launch the patch for the Internet Explorer’s bug called Zero Day Vulnerability. Because of this bug, several websites suffer from a malicious JavaScript, which targets Internet Explorer 7. It may execute a series of redirections to multiple URLs to finally connect to one of several different domains.