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Increasing your social following on Instagram

For you to be successful in increasing your Instagram following, getting more friends, feature on the Popular Page and play a significant role with unmatched skill in photography over your iPhone device, there are number of procedures that you ought to follow. These are outlined below:

Facebook buys Instagram! Do you know why?

Facebook has added yet another feather to its cap and this time it’s the Instagram app. It is a free app initially developed for iPhone users to share photos and videos. It has about 17 filters and colour balance to allow users make changes before it is uploaded. It’s quite amazing that Instagram has grown from zero to a drastic $1 billion in just 18 months of time with just about 13 employees in its credit.

Instagram Filters as Photoshop actions

Instagram is getting largely popular among iPhone users as a Photo sharing application. Instgram offers lots of photo filters that give a stunning effect to your pictures. Have you ever wondered if you could add Instagram like photo filters to your photos using Photoshop? Well, Daniel Box has created Photoshop actions similar to Instagram filters that you can apply to any photo instantly.