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Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Interface

Youtube has come up with a new experimental redesign that is code named Cosmic Panda. This interface is a whole lot different from the current interface. It looks sleek, clutter free and cleaner. The new Cosmic Panda interface Is elegant and pleasing to the eye.

A first look at Windows 8 Interface – Video

The software market is already abuzz with speculations about how the software might be and what would be the major improvements from its predecessors. Windows 8 interface is an expansion of the very interactive live tiles in Windows Phone 7’s User Interface. Microsoft believes that this would throw off the conventional concept of icons used on a background.

How to restore the icons on the Addons bar to the right hand side in Firefox

Firefox 4 has a completely revamped interface as compared with its earlier counterpart, the Firefox 3. If you use Firefox 4, you must have noticed that the addon bar that on Firefox 3 isn’t visible by default on Firefox 4. But you can turn it on from the customization options. On Firefox, you would have come across times when the icons on your Addon bar in Firefox shift all the way to the left from their default right hand side position. If you want to restore them to the right, here’s the workaround.

Send proposals and track them with Quote Roller

If you are in the sales business, at one point or another you have had to create a proposal for your prospective clients outlining the bells and whistles of your solution, and why they should sign up with your company. QuoteRoller is an application that lets you send and track proposals through an intuitive interface.

Scheduling Appointments online with Opencal

OpenCal is an online application that adds online scheduling to small businesses that take appointments; basically, it’s for anyone that sells their time. Opencal lets you easily handle appointments via its clean interface and easy-to-use tools.

Create your own comic strips with Stripgenerator

You must have been a comic crazy when you were a child. I won’t need to tell that comics give a quick message to the reader in a very amusing way. But making comics of your own must have been a thing that you wouldn’t have ever thought of. Well if you wish to make short and sweet comic strips to show off to your friends without having much knowledge in drawing, then Stripgenerator is there for you.

Customize themes and colors in Gmail

With the standard version of Gmail, you can choose from, a lot of beautiful themes for your Gmail interface. From the stylish to the funny ones, the themes are surely gonna lure you. But...

Manage your Twitter followers with Tweepler

Do you find problems keeping track of people who follow you on Twitter? Or you are confused about following back people who are following you? A recently launched Twitter application Tweepler helps you decide whether to follow a person or not.

Ades Color Picker

If you are a designer, you must know how important it is to pick the appropriate colors while creating any designs. Sometimes you need to pick color from images and you do that with...