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Quickest way to know your IP Address

Your IP address generally varies depending on your internet service provider. Some ISPs(Internet Service Providers) give you a fixed IP that doesn’t change while some others may provide you with IP address that changes...

Now body organs can send updates to your cellphone

Have you seen cardiac patients and how they have a tendency to to awry? There are micro devices that are installed into the body of heart patients for giving them immediate remedy in certain conditions. Scientists have now devised a great technique for better monitoring of heart by giving a unique IP address to the hearts of patients.

Play a prank on your friend using his computer

Sites like hi5, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. are very popular among the people of every age. I’m sure you also use them every now and then and even your friends do. What if one of your friend types hotmail.com on the address bar and lands on any humor website like lotsofjokes.com? Hey you can do it.