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100 Million iPads Sold!

In the Apple event, heralding the birth of the new iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and a smaller iMac, Tim Cook announced another milestone that is sure to spark an ecstatic reactionfrom Apple lovers, specifically the iPad aficionados. Apple has recently reached a wonderful feat: It has successfully sold 100 million iPads in two years, since the entrance of the iPad in 2010. What’s more? He gladly presented that Apple iPadowns over 91% of the over-all web traffic coming from tablet computers.

Top Reason Why iPad Mini is Better than Full-sized iPad

iPad Mini is coming out in the market soon and is a possible competitor of Google Nexus 7. Apple has intelligently made the iPad Mini’s features and alike for the consumers. Apple must be aware that there are things you cannot do with a tablet. Like taking photos with iPad is awkward. Still, there is wisdom in creating iPad Mini for you can enjoy games with convenience. There are other reasons why iPad Mini is better than its full sized version and here are they: