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Quickly know the fonts used on a webpage

With the onset of web fonts, many web designers have started using an assortment of beautiful fonts on websites. Besides the popular and the most widely used fonts, it is really difficult to correctly tell the name of a font. But with Whatfont bookmarklet, you can easily find out what fonts a website is using, including the font size, font weight etc.

Destroy text or ads on a page with these bookmarklets

Sometimes we come across some cool bookmarklets that are meant just for fun. Here are some bookmarklets that will destroy the text on any webpage in cool ways. You can also use these bookmarklets to destroy annoying ads on a site.

Play MP3 files on your browser without Flash

Using jsmad, MP3 players or decoders can be integrated without using Flash. Jsmad is a MP3 powered decoder with which browsers can play and decode MP3 files for you without Flash player installed on your computer.

Zbugs – an online tool to compress your JS and CSS

CSS and JS used on a site considerably increase its size. For sites with very flashy graphics, the CSS and JS files are obviously large sized and therefore may significantly spike up their loading time. Zbugs is an online utility with which you can merge, minify and Gzip compress JS and CSS files.

10 Must have bookmarklets for your browser

Bookmarklets make your life easier while browsing the internet. They allow you to do things with just a click. Be it URL shortening, sharing pages on social bookmarking sites or fixing font sizes, bookmarklets really speed up the task. Here are some very useful javascript bookmarklets for everyday browsing.

Add Google Reader’s shared or starred items to your blog

I assume that you already run a blog. You might want to embed a list of interesting articles from your favorite blogs that you read off your Google reader. But updating a link to those posts every time from your blog’s admin can be a bit tedious. Well, if you use Google Reader as your feed reader, you can easily show your shared items on Google Reader in your blog.

I just fought a malware on this WordPress blog

My blog was facing a malware issue in the last few days. Well I wasn’t aware of this fact. About 5 days ago, when I tried to open my blog in Google Chrome, it showed a malware warning. I was pretty much surprised to see that, because my blog was running smooth on Chrome just the day before. I thought either there’s something wrong with my computer or Chrome was screwed up.