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The History of Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are often overlooked, but they are important features that allow you to maximise your computer’s potential – but just how did those peripherals come to be on our desk and who should we thank?

Keyboard heatmap

Do you ever wonder which letters you type the most on your keyboard or simply put, what keys you hit on your keyboard the most? This largely depends on your language and the type of text. Generally, the most number of strokes are concentrated towards the center of the keyboard. Would you want to visualize the keyboard heatmap while you type a certain piece of text? Well here is a cool keyboard visualization tool.

Using Your Swype Keyboard

If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone. But fortunately, that means you can have the Swype keyboard which makes typing on a mobile device incredibly fast! When using this keyboard, you don’t have to hit the individual buttons. Instead, you only need to swipe your finger over the intended letters. Swype figures out what you’re trying to type based on history and word dictionaries.