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Is Co-Citation the Future?

Last week,SEOMoz’sRand Fishkin had an interesting article/video about how anchor text was being slowly phased out by Google in favor of co-citation. The idea was that as Google’s algorithms became more advanced the importance of anchor text would be slowly dialed down and associative citations from high-authority sites (or a lot from lower authority sites) would replace it. The post does raise quite a few questions, the most obvious being Is exact match anchor text hurting my SEO efforts? And Is co-citation the future?

Some tools to check the position of a site on Search Engines

A webmaster is always concerned about the ranking of his site for the chosen keywords and the traffic driven to the site. Checking the SERP rankings of any website for a particular keyword is pretty much easy and straightforward as, a webmaster can wear the shoes of a normal netizen and search for his chosen keyword. Then comes the task of locating his site on the SERPs. If the site appears on the first page or even the second, it wouldn’t be much of a difficult job. But imagine if your website is just budding and lags far behind in the search rankings. In such a case, doing a manual check over all the results ranging to the 10thm, 20th or God knows how many pages could be very tedious. To assist you in such cases, there are lots of tools that show the position of your website on the search engines in a snap. Here are some of the tools for checking a website’s position on search engines.

5 Useful search query Suggestion tools

As you type any query on Google, a list of the suggestions for the term shows up. This makes it easier and faster to search for anything. Besides you also get an idea of the related search queries. Google suggest has been integrated with Google Chrome and Firefox as well. Besides Google Suggest, Yahoo and Bing also show you the suggestions by simply populating the related and most searched terms. But if you want something more, here are some handy tools.

New features added to Delicious

Delicious.com has added some really new features to make it easier for everyone to bookmark and share. Some new and improved search tools have been added in order to maintain the freshness of the content.

Compare search results of Google with Bing

Even before its official release, the talks of Bing have been going around. It takes time to decide whether Bing can really be a substitute for Google. Bing has some really cool features and the search results are pretty much impressive than those of Live search. Well you can compare the results from Google and Bing yourself.

Get alerts for Specific phrases

Suppose that the author of your favorite blog had promised to write about a topic of your interest but he hasn’t been writing any new posts from many weeks. You can’t go on checking his website everyday. But SparkTooth can monitor any web page for a certain keyword and then notify you as soon as it is available on the website.