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Experience the New Dell XPS Laptop Series

Dell is one of the highest rated, Silicon Valley American company, making sure that it remains on the top position in the computing market. The company started its business long ago, and is one of the founders of laptops and computer technology. However, the companies likeSony, HP, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba etc. all have been competing in the market since long, Dell laptops and computers are still the very popular computing systems.

Crucial Things to Consider in Laptops

With more and more updates in technology today, the mid ranged priced laptops have reached a certain plateau on their prices over the years despite offering a great number of advances. Because of top tier brands like that of Apple, more and more companies are now forced to revamp the technology for the most reasonable price.

Choosing the Right Laptop

As with most electrical goods, it can be an extremely daunting task to decide which laptop you should spend your hard-earned cash on. With so much choice out there, it’s hard to weed out the truly great laptops from the not-so-great.

The $49 Mini Laptop: Will It Influence the Computing World?

VIA Technologies Inc., a corporate group noted for bringing out innovative electronic products, has created a stir in the world of compact PCs by launching the $49 mini laptop. Called as the APC 8750, this mini laptop is actually a product that has been aimed at the developing world. However it is still not the cheapest PC in the world. For, the Raspberry Pi – a Linux based system priced at just $25 had been released earlier. Still it is hoped that this brand new mini laptop will make computing affordable for thousands of people who can’t buy expensive hi-tech products.

laptop overheating

Laptops overheating

Nowadays, everyone wants everything small. And if it’s already small, they want it smaller. That gives designers a unique challenge, make it small and powerful! A when it comes to making something small & powerful we look at the biggest thing that makes a difference, and that’s the processing unit of the chip inside the product. Without going to deeply into why this is so, I will say that it’s the biggest thing that’s upgraded when buying a newer product. Furthermore, when you’re on your Smartphone and it starts to get slow the moment you try to open several programs or windows it’s because the processor just can’t keep up!

Should I buy a cheap or expensive laptop?

If you’re looking to buy a laptop and you’re not sure about what type of laptop to get, i suggest you read this article first so that you have an understanding of what to look...

2012 Laptops to Buy

We are just barely into 2012, but plenty of fantastic laptops have come out in just two or so months. Since there are plenty of people out there who have been sitting on ancient computers and are need of a serious upgrade, now is the perfect time to invest in a new machine.

Features bloggers should keep in mind while buying a laptop

Not everybody can afford to buy the latest, most powerful laptops with the best possible features available in the market. The majority has to resort to buying the older ones which are least expensive, while comparing between the several, slightly old machines, in order to save while still getting their hands on a notebook that will get the work done. These buyers look out towards the internet for advice, by going through the various “reviews and specs” websites to choose the best from the rest.

7 Unique Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

In times of widespread financial crisis, unexpected opportunities arise. For the increasing legions of entrepreneurs who make a living on-line, prosperity is no illusion. There is a new breed of entrepreneur, who skillfully threads new career avenues: the Digital Nomad.

The Google Chromebook – a laptop with limited mobility

Google have recently launched their own laptop in an attempt to offer an alternative to the might of Microsoft and Apple. All data will be stored on secure internet servers which Google claim will increase the level of security as your work will be safe even if the laptop is stolen.