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Help Your Business To Grow Using Social Media

The importance of social media in the online marketing environment of today can hardly be overstated. Facebook alone currently accounts for a full one fourth of the clicks performed by Internet browsers in the United States, and this number is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Target your Facebook Posts by location and people

Facebook has added many options to control and filter your friend list, photos, your profile etc. You have lots of options to control your profile’s privacy settings to control the visibility of different sections of your profile. Well now you can also choose who to show your Posts on Facebook. For the pages you admin, you can select the countries and places where people would be able to see a post.

See Facebook likes on Search results

When you search on Google, you get the results that Google thinks is the most relevant one. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly see the number of Facebook likes next to each search result on Google? With the Google +Like extension, you can have this benefit.

How to add Facebook’s Send button to WordPress

Sometimes, you might want to share something with just a few select people; an image uploaded on imgur for instance. In such case, Like buttons may not be the best way to share. Realizing this, Facebook has brought forth the Send button with which you can share a link with only the people you choose.

How to block Facebook social plugins on websites

If seeing too much of them has distracted you, Facebook blocker can be of help. Facebook blocker can block all Facebook social plugins and make them disappear altogether from any site. It is available as a browser plugin for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Get more out of Facebook’s Like Button with Ingboo

The Like Button on Facebook is just a One Time sharing function. Imagine if you could transform it into a connection for ongoing updates and sharing based on user interest; wouldn’t it be great? Ingboo, a very handy online utility that answers your question and helps you do just that.

Is Facebook bringing forth a new design?

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes since its establishment. They bring new designs and adds components time to time on Facebook. Facebook could be rolling out a new design very soon as evident from the small changes being seen in Facebok. And it sure is likely that many users will protest the redesign.

How to like any page on Facebook

Facebook’s like share button form the components of many blogs and sites. With these, its easy to like or share the article you’re reading on Facebook. But still, some sites haven’t opted to integrate the button. Well, its easy to share the link by copying it and pasting on your update box on Facebook. But if you want to like an article where on like button is seen, the update box won’t help. Here’s how you do it.