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Update Simple Tags plugin to fix Permalink redirect in WordPress 3.1

Simple tags is a very useful plugin that helps in adding tags to your posts. It automatically populates a list of tags as you start typing in the tag section. It also has an option to link to the tag pages through posts. If you are using simple tags and use permalink redirect plugin, its high time that you updated Simple Tags plugin for Wordpress 3.1.

Browse the internet without using a mouse

Mouse and Keyboard are the best known input devices for a computer for a long time now. Even if you have to intermittently jump between your mouse and keyboard, you can’t resist using the both or part from one of them. But how about browsing the internet with just your keyboard and no mouse? Don’t get scared, you won’t have to switch between Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab to visit the links. A Firefox addon Mouseless browsing has been built just for this very purpose.

10 Must have bookmarklets for your browser

Bookmarklets make your life easier while browsing the internet. They allow you to do things with just a click. Be it URL shortening, sharing pages on social bookmarking sites or fixing font sizes, bookmarklets really speed up the task. Here are some very useful javascript bookmarklets for everyday browsing.

Some Useful Google Subscribed Links

Google is undoubtedly the big boss in the Web Search Engine scenario. Google has been making the internet search more easy and user friendly every day. With instant search, Google has taken a leap which keeps it much ahead of every other search engine. Google has a plethora of preferences for tweaking the search results. The Search settings lets you handle options like filtering for adult content, showing results from selected foreign languages and so on. Subscribed Links is also one of these. Subscribed Links let you customize Google search settings so as to show particular results from the sources of your choice. Here are some useful Subscribed Links, the results from which can directly be shown within your Search Results.

Drrop – Interact with people through Drrops

A new Japan based website Drrop has been launched that will let you interact with people with the help of Drrops. You might ask what a drrop is. Well a drrop is like a status update from people who you may know or not know and you may see those drrops only once once you wipe them away.

Bringing Facebook events to Google Calendar

Facebook’s Event application is one of the most widely uesd applications that has been promoted by Facebook itself. Google Calendar is also a popular place for sharing and managing events. People generally create events on Facebook as it is easier to share and invite. But you can choose to sync your Facebook events and Google Calendar if you use Google Calendar more often.

Check rapidshare links before visiting

Sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefactory generally don’t require sign ups and all we need to do is upload a file and copy the URL provided for sharing. But sometimes, we are disappointed when Rapidshare or Megaupload show ugly error pages. But, a tiny greasemonkey script help us know such links very easily.

Sproutbuilder-Create interactive flash widgets online

Now you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer to bulid basic flash contents for your website. Sproutbuilder will make your work easier than ever before if you intend on building some useful flash widgets. Stuff that are created on Sproutbuilder can be placed on your blog or your website very easily.