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Partitioning an external Mac OS X HDD

Once you brought an external Mac OS X hard drive to back up your important data you must partition it before usage. In order to use the external hard disk drive one must partition it to support HFS file systems.

Powerful utilities available to make your Mac fast again safely

Every Mac user wants his system to run fast so that all day to day operations like copying, moving, opening or deleting of files can be performed smoothly. At times, even if you have bought a new and advanced model of Mac, after usage over a period of time it becomes slower. Here are some of the powerful utilities to make your power machine Mac run faster.

Mac OS X Photo recovery knowledge base

I can bet, like my Mac drive, your system too is flooded with huge stock of photographs including your personal and professional events like birthdays, school/college excursions, family album, a toddlers first steps and of course your first date. But wait a second, have you ever thought of loosing almost every piece of those moments. I know for us, it’s a nightmare no one wishes to face in the entire life-cycle. In fact, no one would imagine such a disaster in his or her dreams. Here are some tips on Mac OS photo recovery.

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Improve Your Mac’s Performance – 7 Quick Fixes

Mac users are not plagued by computer slowdowns to the same degree as Windows users are, who, Over time, may be troubled by computer performance that declines markedly. This is not to say, however, that Mac users are immune to the problems of computer slowdowns and other glitches. They may also put up with machines that run slower than they need to. Here are some tips for improving your Mac’s performance.