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Four Rules You Must Follow To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Internet is obviously becoming a part of our individual lives and getting fulfilled in all rounds requires that we be satisfied in every aspect that touches our life which can’t be if the aspect of our life that involves the internet is not fulfilled. Here are some tips that may help you speed up your Internet.

INF/Autorun – the most notorious Global and European Malware

Antivirus company ESET has made an analysis which says that INF/Autorun is the top ranking global and European Malware. INF/Autorun Malware is at the top in the list of the most prevalent malwares in the list of ESET’s Global Threats according to ESET ThreatSense.Net system.

Microsoft to put an end to Autorun in Windows

Microsoft’s Autorun feature has been a boon for many users but hackers have also been using it to input malwares without user authorization. Microsoft will soon release an update that it calls an “important but Non-Security” update that will remove the Autorun feature in Windows.

I just fought a malware on this WordPress blog

My blog was facing a malware issue in the last few days. Well I wasn’t aware of this fact. About 5 days ago, when I tried to open my blog in Google Chrome, it showed a malware warning. I was pretty much surprised to see that, because my blog was running smooth on Chrome just the day before. I thought either there’s something wrong with my computer or Chrome was screwed up.