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The Best Blu Ray Players on the Market Today

I love my movies – I always have something on the TV during evenings and weekends, even if it’s just an old favourite playing for background noise while I’m pottering about the house. I’ve always kept up to date with the latest technology and this is no more evident than in the format I view my movies in. I’ve been slowly replacing my old DVD collection with blu rays and have been using my Playstation 3 as my main blu ray player for a few years now, but finally upgraded that too. During my research I became a bit of an expert in blu ray players and this is my personal top five list of must have blu ray players on the market right now.

Adobe launches a new application – Project Rome

Adobe has launched a new application called “Project Rome”. Project Rome is a content creation and publishing application for consumers, small businesses and educators. The tool is for users who don’t have technical knowledge in designing applications. Users can create rich multimedia content, websites, design and other stuff without the knowledge of desktop applications or say the Adobe Suite. Moreover, Project Rome is currently free for use.

The New Twitter now open for everyone

Today Twitter has announced a New revamped Twitter that they had been calling the New Twitter. Although many users had already experienced it some while ago, the rest hadn’t got a chance to see what it looked like. The New re-engineered Twitter has a lot of features and you’ll love it for sure.