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Manage Your Documents More Efficiently

When you’re cracking on nicely with a project, whether it’s an essay, a piece of work for a client or the construction of a new building, the last thing you want to hold you up is paperwork. Having to get individual documents signed off after each and every stage of the process can become very tedious and add days, even weeks, to the job.

Easiest way to extract images from a Word File

When it comes to textual content or any other writeup, most of the people prefer Microsoft Word as the main platform for creating such documents. Many people just work on the textual content without adding any media files or images to their documents.

How to Copy and Paste into Word the Right Way

If you have ever experienced the frustration of copying something into word – only to see your formatting go crazy – then this post is for you. However, what most people don’t realise is that Microsoft Word actually has a whole bunch of pasting options which makes any job simple.

Troubleshoot problems in Word using the ‘a’ switch

With each new version, Microsoft keeps adding new features to its ever popular Microsoft Office suite and its component software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. But minor errors and issues pop up from time to time. Word has a useful feature that lets you troubleshoot and find where a problem persists. Using the ‘a’ switch, you can troubleshoot the issues in Microsoft Word. Here is how you use the ‘a’ switch with Microsoft Office. The ‘a’ switch disables the add-ins in Microsoft Word and also disables the global templates.

Type quicker and smarter on your Windows computer

Who doesn’t want to save time in typing text? If you are a person who regularly deals with word processing applications like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice etc. you would wish that some of your words and sentences got autocompleted on the fly. A quick and easy solution for typing faster is Phrase Express. Phrase Express is a free utility that lets you organize your frequently used text snippets and helps you type faster.

Paragraph icons get rotated while editing rotated text in Word

Microsoft Office is by far the best word processing application out there. Microsoft Word has a plethora of options for embellishing your document. Word also lets you write text in a different direction. But do you know that while editing rotated text, the icons for paragraph tools also get rotated?

How to automatically insert the filename in your Word document

Generally, the easiest way of finding Word files is by looking through their file names. It can be even handier to include the filename on the document body itself, generally in the header or the footer. Here is how you can automatically insert the file name of your document in its header or footer.

How to fix MS Word File opening Error

The message saying that Microsoft word cannot open the converter and thus preventing a file from opening is very common encounter among MIcrosoft word users. You can fix the mswrd632 converter issue on Microsoft Word with these simple tricks.