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The History of Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are often overlooked, but they are important features that allow you to maximise your computer’s potential – but just how did those peripherals come to be on our desk and who should we thank?

Samsung Series 9 monitors

Sublime styling – Samsung’s Series 9 monitors

Samsung has shook things up a bit with the introduction of a range of monitors with truly head-turning style; the SA950 or ‘Series 9’. These models include the 23” S23A950D and 27” S27A950D varieties which completely redefined consumer expectations of the modern entertainment monitor. The screens themselves are finger thin with lashings of stainless steel and a rather adventurous asymmetrical stand design. The screen surface also breaksaway from the norm by offering a glossy ‘Ultra Clear Panel’ rather than the traditional matte texture.

Monitor your Teens use Android Parental Control App

Android parental control is the solution to all the problems that parents who work extra hours face regarding monitoring the activities of their teens. It is known for a fact that teens that spend more time watching the television and playing video games have the tendency to develop health problems later in life.

Enhanced Security Measures and Online Store Optimization

You do everything you can to optimize your online store. You work through a number of different designs, testing each as you go, to find out which has the highest conversion rate. The same goes for your online store copy.

Why Does A Small Business Need Online Collaboration Tools For Customer Help Desk

For many small businesses it can be hard to track how an employee is doing. However, if the company wants to have the proper customer service, then they may need to use an online service to help out. With this the business will see they can track how long the employees are logged in, the company can update the projects, and the company can allow all of the employees access to the project to ensure it will be completed in a timely manner.

Process Monitoring In Industry

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are commonly used in high tech industries to gather information about processes and what is happening on a shop floor level.The information gathered from the systems is passed to process monitoring software, which identifies potential issues, faults, and productivity problems.

8 Commercial Services to Monitor Your Family’s Time Online

You want your children to have the best online experiences available, but you realize that you must take certain security measures to keep your family safe from online predators. You want to filter the unsavory or unwarranted content as well as monitor their usage. Fortunately, there are applications and services which will monitor your child’s activity and report back to you. Here is a list of some commercial programs designed to keep your children safe.

Get alerts for Specific phrases

Suppose that the author of your favorite blog had promised to write about a topic of your interest but he hasn’t been writing any new posts from many weeks. You can’t go on checking his website everyday. But SparkTooth can monitor any web page for a certain keyword and then notify you as soon as it is available on the website.

Monitor activities happening on your PC with PC Pandora

Is your PC used by people other than you off and on? Do you want to know whta they do on the computer? Or know the interests of your kids and their favorite websites that make them stick to the computer for hours together?

Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks

The sidebar is one of those killer features of Windows Vista which many people crave for. Here are some cool Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks.