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The History of Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are often overlooked, but they are important features that allow you to maximise your computer’s potential – but just how did those peripherals come to be on our desk and who should we thank?

Fool your friends with these tools

Yesterday I stumbled upon rjlsoftware.com and found an array of fun tools there. The instance you get a glimpse of these, you will begin weaving some naughty ideas in your brain to fool around your friends. This site offers a CD full of prank softwares which contains some amazing stuff. But this is not for free. Some of the prank tools on this CD are not even available for download. But you can download a lot of free naughty tools. The site calls them “April Fool’s Day Softwares”. All of them are not for free but I have listed some of the free and interesting ones here: