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Don’t Even Think About Traveling Abroad Without a Cell Phone

Cell phones serve a lot of functions in our modern world. They can help you get out of danger, they can help you find where you’re going, and they can even help you pass the time when there’s little to see and not much more to do. In a foreign country, all of these functions can be particularly helpful to you. If you get into a bad situation in a foreign country, your cell phone might even save your life.

Will Mobile Phone Apps Make Sat-Nav Units Obsolete?

The world of technology is a constantly changing one, of course, and the advent of the mobile phone app has enabled us to perform a number of tasks while on the move. From the practical time-savers to the entertaining time-wasters, we all have a list of our favourite apps, but will the mobile phone ever really be able to replace the in-car satellite navigation system?