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Five Authentication Options

The recent LinkedIn password breach was yet another reminder of how weak the simple password method of authentication has become. The base login name and password system is weak for two primary reasons: First, most people reuse their password on multiple sites, making it easier for hackers to get into a number of accounts. Two, most people use passwords easy to remember – so easy that the password is used by hundreds of other people, too. In one recent breach, it was discovered that the most common password was Red Sox or some variation of the baseball team’s name.

The Five Most Common Security Mistakes New Companies Make

Computers are a valuable tool for company owners and small business owners as well. They are used for storing sensitive data and are also used to access the internet. Computers also enable managers and employees to finish the job in a much easier and efficient way thus increasing the company’s production.

Facebook is Where It’s At for Small Businesses

In the immensely saturated market for emerging small businesses, how do you stand out? With spurts of technological innovations from left to right, any new business trying to break into the current competitive stream of trade has to optimize the value of ease, accessibility and effectiveness of nothing else but strategic social media marketing.Indubitably the fastest, easiest and most widely-used marketing tool today, Facebook remains on top of its game with an overwhelming number of users reaching to more than 800 million people around the world.

Local SEO for SMBs: Three Reasons to Focus and Engage Your Community

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolutionary attempt of small businesses (SMBs) to connect with their communities through online search. According to Search Engine Watch’s report by Local Offer Network (2011), companies invested in local SEO are increasing sales, improving visibility and strengthen their brands by focusing their efforts on optimizing their websites for local searches.

AOL to buy Techcrunch network of sites

AOL announced today that it will acquire Techcrunch Network of Sites. Techcrunch and its associated properties will come under AOL’s umbrella while the editorial independence will be retained. The announcement will be made on stage at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, CA.

Some Command Prompt Shortcuts for handling Control Panel

We need to access Control Panel every now and then for tweaking our PC. Some items are available in the main control panel root folder while for some, you have to dig deep into it. You can run the Control Panel tools by using the appropriate shortcuts from the command line. Here is a list of some commands that can be used from the command prompt or from the Run Command to access some useful Control Panel tools.

Starwind – A Storage virtualization Software

Do you share your file system and drives frequently over a network while working with your colleagues? Well, Starwind Software offers you even more; with this you can export a whole drive(physical or virtual) over a TCP/IP network. With StarWind software, you can not only export your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD or hard drives, but export a CD/DVD/BD/HD-DVD image file as a virtual DVD-ROM. Starwind also allows RAM sharing.

Increase your internet speed

Internet speed varies with places. In some countries the speed is amazingly fast while in some people still are compelled to hook up with very slow connection speeds. Some tips mentioned below can give you a bit faster browsing experience if you are on a slow connection: