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Creative Writing Software

It’s not easy being a writer. Writers have to manage their thoughts into sentences, proper paragraphs, and chapters – all the while managing character motives, interesting vocabulary and various settings. It’s complicated and tricky. But there are now programs and sites available to help creative writers manage their characters and plot details.

Get Facebook news feed directly in your Inbox

Even if you are a workaholic who spends much of his time working on the computer, you manage to save a few minutes or even hours to keep track on your friend’s activities over Facebook. Facebook has also been sometimes referred to as the biggest time waster on the internet. For this very reason, many companies don’t allow their employees to use Facebook. But yeah, there is always a way out for anything and some witty ones figure out a way to do it. NewsFeedEmail can be a very handy application for people who aren’t allowed to access Facebook directly.

See how much time you spend on Twitter

Twitter is a platform for many people to stay connected with their friends and families and share their latest updates. If you happen to discover any interesting website, you open up twitter and tweet about it instantly. If your brother is going to wed, you spread the news by posting a tweet. Or you just use Twitter just to get updated to news and your peer’s activities. But have you ever wondered how much time do you spend on Twitter?