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Favorite Number Survey

Like colors, people tend to have their favorite numbers too. People believe that some numbers prove luckier for them than the others. You can become a part of an experiment by telling what your favorite number is. Favoritenumber.net is conducting a survey on people’s Favorite numbers.

Format your Google Spreadsheets with colors

Coloring cells in Google Spreadsheets may help to have a quick overview of numbers and figures. Like you can highlight all the decimal numbers in green. You don’t want to manually highlight each cell right? So, let spreadsheets do it for you.

Google Spreadsheets-Extract numeric values from cells

Many times you need to enter two different values into a cell sometimes both text and numbers. By default Google Spreadsheets aligns the numeric entry to the right and text entry to the left. But Spreadsheets will discard the numeric value and consider the whole input as a text value.