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Why Link Building Strategies are Vital for Smaller Brands in a Competitive Space

Link building can be tiring and time consuming. If you are anything other than a large brand with the capital, time and existing web presence to create a behemoth of inbound links, you have little option but to perform these difficult and time intensive tasks for yourself. So how do you go about strategising effectively for your time and limited budget?

5 ways to view documents online without signing up

Documents are shared generally in formats like PDF or .doc over the internet. Generally we all have standalone software like Acrobat reader for viewing PDFs and Microsoft Word for viewing and modifying word documents. But, documents on the web can also be viewed on your browser without having these software installed on your computer. Here are some options for viewing documents online or in your browser without installing any of these. Moreover, these don’t require sign-ups either.

Online scientific calculator

Calcoolate lets us use a virtual scientific calculator online. You can directly input mathematical commands from the keyboard. The tool looks clean as there are no digits, just a handful of buttons for mathematical functions like sin, cos, tan, log etc. Its best for doing simple calculations.

New features added to Delicious

Delicious.com has added some really new features to make it easier for everyone to bookmark and share. Some new and improved search tools have been added in order to maintain the freshness of the content.

Find and create color palettes online with ColorRotate

If you are a graphic or web designer you should understand the importance of color combinations. Nice colors and color combinations are much coveted among graphic designers, interior designers and landscapers. You must have used Kuler in Photoshop CS4. ColoRotate is a similar kind of online color palette creator that lets you browse through the color palettes, create new palettes and share them with the online community.

Online OCR Service

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. It is the process of recognizing texts in a scanned image by a computer. OCR software are very useful and there are lots of them. OCR is also available through Microsoft Office Document Imaging. But you might not get a software anytime on your demand. But you can also have free OCR service online through some websites.

Video now available for free Flickr account

For free users, the fun of enjoying videos in Flickr was not possible. But now Flickr has added a feature letting the free members to upload videos as well. The HD videos uploaded by the pro users on Flickr can now be viewed by everyone.

Convert PDF to Word/Excel and vice versa online

Word or Excel files to PDF and vice versa can be a clumsy job for some people. If that makes you sigh then don’t worry, feepdfconvert can be your all time friend for converting PDF files.

Sproutbuilder-Create interactive flash widgets online

Now you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer to bulid basic flash contents for your website. Sproutbuilder will make your work easier than ever before if you intend on building some useful flash widgets. Stuff that are created on Sproutbuilder can be placed on your blog or your website very easily.

Make your own toolbar and more with conduit

But if you run a blog or a website, you can also give away a toolbar to your visitors. Hey wait before you brood, you don’t need to be a programmer or empty your wallet for this. Conduit is that powerful tool which lets you do it in a few steps. Its as easy as having an icecream. And believe me, even if you think of paying price to create a toolbar for your site, it won’t be any powerful than the one you can create with conduit.