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Is Linux more Secure than Windows? – An Extended Debate

A stretched debate has been on for years on the choice of superior OS between Windows and Linux. PC protection is every one’s upmost priority, so they go for the best possible antivirus like Norton, Avast or Carbonite. However, nothing will work, if the foundation is not correct, i.e. the security of your system depends upon the operating system brought into use. And Windows and Linux come up to be the top rivals in the race of best OS. Here we are, with an extensive discussion on the pros and cons of both, to give you a fair idea. Keeping the below points in mind will help you pinpoint the best OS for your complete system and Internet security.

Now body organs can send updates to your cellphone

Have you seen cardiac patients and how they have a tendency to to awry? There are micro devices that are installed into the body of heart patients for giving them immediate remedy in certain conditions. Scientists have now devised a great technique for better monitoring of heart by giving a unique IP address to the hearts of patients.

OLPC cuts down Workforce by 50%

The One Laptop Per Child project announced that it is cutting its workforce by 50%. It has also said that salaries for the remaining staff have been reduced. For the upcoming changes in the coming year, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the group made an announcement in the company’s blog.

Single mouse and keyboard control over multiple computers with Synergy

Synergy is a freeware that lets you control multiple computers in your network with a single mouse and keyboard. It also supports controlling multiple computers running on different operating systems, each with its own hardware. It works fine with major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris etc.