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Things to Avoid When Using Social Media

The technology has indeed changed the landscape of communication as compared to the previous centuries, wherein people can only communicate via letters. You still need to wait for weeks and even months just to receive the mail that may contain letters and photos. Social media have offered a great medium for people to get updates from their loved ones overseas. On the other hand, there are always two sides of the coin. Yes, social media offers a lot of advantages but there are some things that you need to avoid when using social media.

Mac Photo Recovery Software

Gone are the days when market of DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras was limited to excellent photographers. Today with the availability of various user friendly and lower priced DSLR cameras they have become...

How to Customize Your iPad For Travel

Are you constantly on the go and would like to customize your iPad to give you the best travel experience. It has various applications that can help make your tour the best one. By just adjusting your settings, it is possible to turn your iPad into the best traveling companion. Here are some tips on how to customize your iPad for travel.

The New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook photo viewer gets a makeover

Facebook keeps introducing changes to certain parts of their system off and on. The latest change brought about by Facebook is their revamped photo viewer. I was just checking out Facebook and noticed the new photo viewer. The photo viewer has gone through many changes in the past. I am sure you will like this new light box photo viewer.

Top 5 iPad Photo Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express, Nikon Learn and Explore etc. are some of the best and top photo apps for iPad.

Cinemagraphs – Cool animated GIFs

We all have seen animated logos, cartoons and other stuff as animated GIFs on the web. But two talented people, photographer Jamie Beck and Motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have taken an approach to take the animated GIFs to a whole new level. They together have produced stunning GIF images that they call cinemagraphs.

Patterncooler – Online Pattern Maker

Even if you use Photoshop profusely, you may not want to open it up everytime to generate simple patterns for your use. An online Tool Patterncoolor lets you have simple yet elegant patterns and customize them with colors.

People search engine Waatp

There is a wide range of people search engines available on the internet and some of them offer favorable comprehensive results while others provide just partial information about particular person you are searching. One of such people search engines you can try is Waatp.com.

How to get the old photo viewer on Facebook

Facebook keeps introducing new features to make the whole social networking experience better. Facebook just replaced its standard photo viewer with a pop up viewer. This pop-up viewer comprises of a light box overlay which at first may surprise you.

How to add photos and videos from Facebook to your blog

Facebook is the one of the biggest places for sharing photos and videos online. Facebook practically allows a user to upload any number of photos and videos so there’ isn’t a problem with sharing media on Facebook. You can also use pictures and videos on Facebook for embedding in your blog.