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Limit the number of posts a user can submit in a day

Guest blogging has become ubiquitous in the recent years. There are lots of blogs that allow guest posts their blogs; Techattitude is also one among them. There are many benefits of allowing guest posts on your blog but nothing is without demerits. Guest posts can bring you a number of quality articles to your site but at the same time also increases the chances of spammers submitting numerous duplicated posts in a single day. If you want a solution of this, here is the trick.

Popular posts widget for your blog based on the highest number of traffic-I

You want to show your readers the posts that are most popular on your blog. If you use Wordpress for maintaining your blog, you can use or must have already used plugins that show off the most popular posts. Placing such widgets help you get more traffic to your quality posts. But the wordpress plugins basically display the popular posts based on the number of comments, i.e. the more comments a blog gets, the higher is its rank on the popular posts widget. The posts that get the highest number of comments are not necessarily the posts that get the maximum number of traffic. So, what if you want to put a popular posts widget that shows the posts getting maximum number of traffic?