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Microsoft envisions the future of 2019

Seems like Mcirosoft is on big plans to get more sturdy,intuitive and beautiful. A video released by Microsoft’s, Business division shows some groundbreaking technology that many of us may not even have thought of.

Google Docs Templates-Cool and Useful

Sometimes you need to create documents on your Google Docs in a jiffy. Something like an invitation card, to send out to your friends or maybe a short schedule. So, what will you do, dole out some time in adding colors to them? You won’t be satisfied if your invitation card looks ugly. But you won’t need to make a fuss, at such times Google Docs’ templates come in handy.

Embed Google Presentation in your blog

If you want to share your presentation but don’t want to bear the hassle of uploading it on Youtube and then embedding on your site, you can use Google Spreadsheets to create presentation and then embed it on your blog or website.