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Kepard – A fast VPN service

Basically, a VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a technology that helps you protect your online identity once your data leaves your computer. VPN technology allows you to access your computer network at your office over the internet in a secure way. Although there are remote desktop services for the same purpose, a VPN is somewhat different; it is useful for more than just remote access. A VPN can be used to link two separate networks over a distance securely. If you are familiar with the benefits of having a VPN service for your office network and are looking for a reliable service provider, Kepard can be of interest to you.

How to Use Facebook’s Privacy Settings Effectively

Facebook can be a fun place to get in touch with friends and share updates about your life with the people you know; however, Facebook can also be a very public place, and it is essential to use the privacy settings on your Facebook account to make sure that only the people you want to share these things with can actually see them.

Target your Facebook Posts by location and people

Facebook has added many options to control and filter your friend list, photos, your profile etc. You have lots of options to control your profile’s privacy settings to control the visibility of different sections of your profile. Well now you can also choose who to show your Posts on Facebook. For the pages you admin, you can select the countries and places where people would be able to see a post.

Anti Tracking feature now on Internet Explorer 9

The latest version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 9 has lots of improvements over the older versions. Lots of things like a minimalist design, pinned sites, a single box for address bar and search...

Facebook’s New Groups and Profile Backup plus better Privacy options

The chat box on Facebook had recently started showing thumbnails instead of names. As evident from the new features rollout today, the changes in chat box was a beacon for the New group chat feature, an added treat to the New Facebook Groups. Other options like Advanced Privacy settings and downloading all your data uploaded to Facebook have been added.