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Instantly view profile of email sender in Gmail using Rapportive

There are people you need to deal with via email without having any information about them. Well wouldn’t you want to have rough information about the person you’re exchanging emails with? Or even if you are exchanging emails with a friend, Rapportive would prove fruitful as you can instantly see what your friend is sharing on his social networks. Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that takes a step towards letting you see the background info on a person sending you emails.

Cool text effects for social profiles

If you are an avid Facebook user, you must be updating your status on it every now and then. Some people also love changing their status in messengers very frequently. If you want to try something new, like updating status in a cool way, you can try out some crazy text types.

Remove unwanted applications from your Facebook profile

From sharing photos and videos to using Facebook applications, Facebook seems to be a lot more entertaining than other social networks. Some applications are totally useless and you feel like ditching them once you use. You can remove Facebook applications that are not of much or any use.