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Recent Advancements in Home Security Technology

Today’s home security systems have a lot more to offer than they did just 5 or 10 years ago. They’re smarter, more efficient, more agile, and – most importantly – more secure than ever before. Way beyond simple intrusion detection, today’s systems give homeowners all sorts of capabilities.

Tips to Become A Successful Mobile App Developer

With the growing thirst for the media consumption via mobiles has lead to a remarkable increase in the demand for the software developers and engineers in the job section. These are the people who...

Google Introduces programming language Dart

For programmers, there are lots of programming languages to choose from. Java, C#, Python etc. are some of the most popular programming languages in the current scenario. Amidst the hordes of all the prevailing programming languages, Google has just introduced a programming language and it is known as Dart.

Scientists create programmable bacteria

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have created bacteria that can be programmed like a computer. This is a great milestone on the effort to bridge the gap between the living world and the digital world. The functions that can be assigned to the bacteria are rather simple but developments in the technology can take place in the future.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based operating system from Microsoft. Azure is actually an operating System that runs over the internet from the Microsoft’s hosting data centers for the Azure Services Platform. Currently Azure is mainly aimed for web developers. Azure will help the Developers to manage and distribute Web Applications on the Internet through Microsoft’s own data centers.