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Useful Run Commands

Run commands help you launch applications very easily without having to click several times in a row.

Some thing that may annoy you in Windows XP

Prevent password expiration for your username: After using Windows XP for a couple of time, you might have come across a message saying-“Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it now?”. You can overcome this problem.

Play a prank on your friend using his computer

Sites like hi5, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. are very popular among the people of every age. I’m sure you also use them every now and then and even your friends do. What if one of your friend types hotmail.com on the address bar and lands on any humor website like lotsofjokes.com? Hey you can do it.

Some Windows XP Registry Tricks

Some Windows XP registry tricks: 1. Speed up your start menu’s speed: The speed of the start menu by default is darn slow. But this can be boosted by editing a windows registry key....