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Smartphone Patent Battle

If we go by the history, these current battles between the smartphones started with the introduction of iOS and Android in the 2007. As we also know that older technologies give the foundation to...

Samsung – Redefining Communication in India

In December 1995, Samsung Electronics tapped into the Indian market and soon became the market leader in Consumer Electronics by providing ace household products like washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones and split air conditioners. With the brilliantly engineered products, Samsung soon gained technological leadership in the Indian market. Today, it’s one of the largest mobile phone brands and pioneering company in the smartphone segment in India.

New TV technology by Samsung – is your TV watching you

The latest slim line TV sets are a far cry from their early ancestors, and certainly different from the cathode ray tube monsters of just a few years ago. While they are still recognisable as a TV with a remote control handset, they are more than just a viewing medium. Interactive and intelligent, the lines between computing and watching TV are becoming increasingly blurred. Read on to learn a little more about the future of TV, a future which has already arrived for some.