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A collection of Mobile Wireframes

Mobile Wireframe is an illustration of the basic elements used in the interface and before making any visual design for mobile applications, creating a wireframe is necessary. Moobileframes is a collection of mobile wireframes found on the web.

Create your personal web history library with Hooeey Webprint

Keeping a track of things that we do on the internet is very difficult. Hooey Webprint is a recent startup that helps you recall webpages visited in the past with much ease. It is an approach towards building a library of your Internet history. It keeps an archive of the pages you visit and you can search through them later as they are stored on your own computer.

Control and execute various tasks on your PC

I assume that your PC remains on most of the time. Sometimes you stick around your PC while sometimes you are out for a lunch or something else. If you want your computer to do things specified by you even when you are away, like shut down the computer, hibernate etc, Marxio Timer will help you. Give it a try.

Taking screenshots of websites with WebShot

Some of us have practices of saving website screenshots for comparisons or references. What we do generally is Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard, paste it on image editing applications like Photoshop and then save it. Well this will be a kind of fun if you need to screenshot just a few webpages. But what if you want to have screenshots of a whole bunch of sites for some reason? It will take a lot of time. But don’t you worry, WebShots will let you take screenshots of websites with much ease and all you’ll have to do is enter the webpage URL that you want to capture. You can download WebShots here.